xetex-devanagari 0.5

xetex-devanagari, the collection of input maps for typesetting Unicode Devanāgarī with the XeTeX PDF engine for LaTeX, have been improved.

  • I’ve dropped the experimental Hindi support for the Harvard/Kyoto input, but fixed the automatical placement of the end-of-block-Virāma as well as for the IAST input map. Therefore, the manually putted Virāma with “,” has also been dropped.
  • Both maps now also have a ligature breaker which is “+” (U+002B).
  • And both maps now also have a support for the abbreviation symbol (U+9970), namely “°” (U+00B0).

For detailed changes please take a look at the Changelog, and for general usage information please consult the Readme. Until the next TeX Live resp. MikTeX update including this update appears you could just copy one ore more of the compiled maps (*.tec) into your working directory and run them easily from there, next to your LaTeX source. For the complete build tree including a test suite, and for always the latest code please cf. https://github.com/danstender/xetex-devanagari.